Principal's Message

Students are the source of energy and power. They have innovative thinking and creative minds by which they can face any challenges brilliantly and can create new things successfully.They just need encouragment and support to give their best in any field. It is good to say that the purpose of life is to discover one’s gift. The work of life is to develop it and the meaning of life is to give the gift away to the society generously.

It is very necessary to look at life positively to bring out something new and great in life no life becomes great unless and until some one focusses it dedicates himself / herself to it and develops it faithfully and deligently .

This are various opportunities for students for the their growth provided they have the desire to grow.

It is up to them to make a right choice in their life.

Tejswini Patidar
Shri Nath International School
Richa bacha, Mandsaur (M.P.)